Happy Friday!
You probably saw the headlines this week….
Not to Worry…..Erbe Ranch has your ….belly. Pasture Raised Pork Belly back in stock from the Butcher for the weekend. We have a freezer full of Breakfast Sausage, Fresh Link Sausage, Pork Chops and most important….Fresh Sliced Pork Belly….Let us know if you would like us to reserve some for you.
In the Pasture:
For the last two weeks we have been moving pigs from New Ulm to Cat Spring. Not an easy task as those little piggies figure our real fast that the trailer means: DANGER. Luckily, the have very short memories and eventually their hunger overrides. An extra bucket of feed can bring pigs running….
We moved all of the pigs except our Mama American Guinea Hogs. Three of the five decided to have their babies out in the pasture last week and the other two are due in the next week. We want to wait for them to grow up a little bit before we move them…hopefully I will be able to get some pictures of the little ones this weekend…
Carter’s flock of laying hens are moving next week. We hope everyone enjoys the ride and we don’t end up with scrambled eggs…
In the Kitchen:
I read a great article this week about the Benefits of Cooking with Pasture-Raised Pork Lard and thought I would share the highlights here: 

10 Reasons to Bring Lard Back
1. Lard is Heat Stable
2. Lard is Heart-Healthy
3. Lard is Neutral Flavored.
4. Lard is Economical.
5. Lard is High in Vitamin D.
6. Lard is Sustainable.
7. Lard is Local.
8. Lard is Great for Baking.
9. Lard is a Healthy Source of Cholesterol.
10. Lard is Traditional.
You can read the entire article here. Let me know if you have any questions about rendering lard.
Come on out tomorrow to the Fulshear Farmer’s Market from 9-1 or the Bellville Farmer’s Market from 9-12. We will be there with full freezers of our pasture raised chicken, pork and eggs.
If you need anything just respond to this e-mail, call me at (512) 784-5892 or Farmer Brian at (512) 808-6358. We would be happy to deliver whatever you need.
See You on Saturday!
The farmer’s wife