Happy Friday!
The last couple of weeks have been a Whirlwind around here and I am a bit behind. Our house is STILL not done but we are building new fences to move all of the animals to their new pastures. I know the pigs are just as excited as we are…..their bags have been packed for a while…
Last week, Farmer Brian and I went to the Texas Organic Farmer’s and Gardeners Association (TOFGA) conference in Mesquite. We really like this conference because there are lots of really smart farmers giving presentations and we always come home bursting with ideas for the farm. I went up on Wednesday and took a Farm Tour of a 1,400 acre Grass-Fed Beef Ranch and learned tons about the different pasture grasses. Brian was asked to give a presentation on Pasture-Raised Pigs on Saturday afternoon.
Since he had to feed the animals before he left, Brian did not arrive at the hotel until just after 5 pm on Friday night. We went to a banquet that evening. At around 11 pm, Brian went out to get something from his truck and it was GONE!  Someone stole his 2005 Ford F250 with 275,000 miles right out of the hotel parking lot!!
Now Farmer Brian is very much a home body. We affectionately call him the Country Mouse. He never liked to leave the farm before this, but now the Country Mouse has vowed to NEVER GO TO THE CITY AGAIN!!!
On Monday morning we received a call that the truck had been recovered. It is driveable, but the steering column was smashed and it was completely cleaned out. We are supposed to get it back sometime this weekend and we will try to figure out everything that is gone…..
Getting off my soapbox….it’s just stuff and our little family is safe….
On a Happier Note…It is supposed to be a Beautiful Weekend…Sunny and in the Low 70’s.
Come on out to the Fulshear Farmer’s Market tomorrow from 9-1. We will be there with full freezers. Then come on over on Sunday to help build fence….kidding….
I am working on compiling some new recipes to share so let me know what you would like to make.
If you need anything just respond to this e-mail, call me at (512) 784-5892 or Farmer Brian at (512) 808-6358. We would be happy to deliver whatever you need.
See You on Saturday!
The farmer’s wife