At Erbe Ranch, we raise our pigs out on pasture on sections of land known as “paddocks”.  Every 7-10 days, the pigs are moved to a fresh paddock where they are able to express their natural piginess by eating forage, rooting for insects, nuts and plant roots and rolling in the mud wallow.  In addition to fresh water, we provide a moveable pig hut for shelter and surround the paddock with electric poultry netting to keep the pigs in and the predators out.

Although the pigs are excellent foragers, the pasture cannot provide all of the nutrition our pigs require. We feel feeding our pigs high quality, non-medicated, supplement feed is important for the health of the animal as well as the quality of the meat.  As such, we supplement natural forage with Organic, Non-GMO feed from Coyote Creek Feed Mill up the road in Elgin, Texas as well as alfalfa hay.  Our pigs are never given hormones or antibotics. In addition to being more flavorful, pigs raised on pasture is more nutritious.  Pastured pork is lean and has higher levels of Vitamin E and healthy Omega-3 fatty acids.