At Erbe Ranch our chickens are never given antibiotics or growth hormones.  They are fed Organic, Non-GMO feeds from Coyote Creek Feed Mill in Elgin, Texas. Once they are fully feathered, our chickens are on pasture 24-hours a day. They are free to express their natural chickeness; scratching the ground for bugs, eating forage and taking dust baths.

Pastured raised chicken is tender and full of flavor. According to research from Iowa State University, chicken raised on pasture has:

  • 20% less total fat,
  • Less saturated fat and
  • 28% fewer calories

than factory farmed chicken.  They also found that eggs from pasture raised chickens have:

  • 10% less fat,
  • 40% more Vitamin A and
  • 400% more Omega 3s

than eggs from factory farmed chickens.


Like all of our animals, our chickens are raised on pasture. Our egg laying hens have a portable house, or eggmobile, that is rotated to fresh pasture once a week.  Their chicken paddock is surrounded by electric poultry netting and they return to the eggmobile at dusk each night to roost. Since broilers (meat chickens) are less active, they require more protection from predators.  They are housed in chicken tractors, made famous by Joel Salatin of Polyface farms.  The design of our chicken tractors were modified to adjust for the intense Texas heat.  We move the chicken tractors every day to fresh pasture.