Happy Friday!
We FINALLY got Brian’s truck back on Thursday. It took over a month to fix all of the damage done by the thieves in the two days before it was recovered by Dallas police. Jamming a screwdriver into the ignition wrecks havoc with the electrical system…I suggest that you never jam a screwdriver into the ignition….I was shocked at how nice it looks with a good wash….I didn’t even recognize it in the parking lot…
We are thankful for Brian’s dad letting us borrow his truck for the last month…we would have been in a world of hurt without it….
In the Pasture:
We (I mean Farmer Brian) have been working on fencing for the last month. Since rolls of hog wire fence are 330 feet long, we intended to install the fence in 330-foot increments. However, when we went out to the woods, the trees dictated the location of the fence….and we didn’t go back to check that we were still on the 330-foot spacing….thus, we (I mean Brian) spent a great deal of time splicing fence rolls together….we are hoping this perimeter fence will keep our piggies in and the wild hogs out….we (I mean Brian) are tired of chasing pigs all over the pasture….
In the Kitchen:
This week I made an awesome pork shoulder roast in my crock pot.  Super simple recipe, just seasoned the roast with salt and pepper, browned it in a little olive oil. I filled the pot with some of our homemade chicken stock and threw in a few carrots, onion and potatoes. I let it simmer all day and it was moist and delicious. Didn’t even have anything for leftovers….two growing boys and a hard working farmer make meat disappear…
Grab one of our pork shoulder roasts at the market and enjoy this easy recipe for yourself…simple and delicious…
At the Market:
It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend. So, get out, spend sometime in the sunshine and stop by the Farmer’s Market.
The whole family will be at the Fulshear Farmer’s Market tomorrow from 9-1. It will be a light weekend for us, but hope to see you there.
If you need anything or would like us to put something aside for you, just respond to this e-mail, call me at (512) 784-5892 or Farmer Brian at (512) 808-6358. We would be happy to deliver whatever you need.
See You on Saturday!
The farmer’s wife